Defining the next phase of computing, starting with enterprise.

We’re building an automation platform to enable organizations to drive transformation across business processes by unlocking unstructured data with deep learning.

What does the next-gen automation platform look like?
Why are there at least a dozen apps available for getting food delivered to your home, but there isn't even an app store where a hospital, 一所大学, or an insurance company can find an app to help them run their company? Today, companies are flooded by countless systems of record and data silos. 有这么多系统, the process of transforming data into operational value relies on manual processes that are costly and often inaccurate.
有一个更好的办法. 真人电子平台官方平台正在建造它.
Traditional systems aren’t designed to support the complex workflows needed to streamline operations. 这就是真人电子平台官方平台建立mg真人电子的原因, a software platform that consists of pluggable apps for enterprise companies to easily develop apps that automate their operational processes.
In 2015, Anant Bhardwaj was an MIT computer science PhD student and he realized the pain it took to streamline document-heavy processes. 这使他提出了这个问题, “Why isn’t there a system that helps people automate processes with more ease?” Frustrated with the lack of products to help automate processes, he set his sights to create a system and mg真人电子 was born.
Institutions across the world rely on mg真人电子 to transform their operational processes.
  • $150M
Building an automation platform from the ground up.
Today, mg真人电子 is helping companies streamline and automate their most complex processes. Tomorrow, the platform will facilitate the development of entirely new processes.
We are proud to have the support of some of the world’s leading venture capital firms, including:
We are headquartered in San Francisco, with offices around the globe.